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Smithers Rapra's excessive functionality Elastomers & Polymers for Oil and fuel 2012 convention has been built for operators, contractors, apparatus and part providers, fabric providers and study enterprises concerned with polymers and their use in oil and gasoline functions to proportion their reviews during this region. The convention represents an excellent platform to determine concerning the newest advancements and study into excessive functionality polymeric strategies, and gives an discussion board to community with a high-level, overseas peer staff.

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LEVELS FACTORS 1 2 A POLYMER EPDM HNBR B CURE PPH 5 6 C FILLER TYPE N990 N330 uncontrolled FILLER PPH 30 30 Table 8 – Factors and associated levels for reinforced hydrocarbon elastomer study Rather than full factorial testing, requiring 23 or eight (8) conditions, the following orthogonal array in Table 9 was evaluated. Paper 4 - Hertz Page 8 of 18 pages HPE & Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications 2012 17-18 April 2012 – Aberdeen, Scotland Condition Polymer Cure pph Filler Type #1 #2 #3 #4 EPDM (A1) EPDM (A1) HNBR (A2) HNBR (A2) 5 (B1) 6 (B2) 5 (B1) 6 (B2) N990 (C1) N330 (C2) N330 (C2) N990 (C1) Table 9 – Taguchi L4 Orthogonal Array for reinforced hydrocarbon elastomer study RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Swelling at the end of a 24-hour soak is recorded in Table 10.

It is frequently found in hydrocarbon reserves. 98 kg/m3. CO2 is a linear molecule of two oxygen atoms bonded to one carbon atom through double bonds (C=O=C). The molecule is symmetrical around the carbon atom and thus has no dipole moment. However, CO2 being a linear triatomic molecule possesses four bending modes. The molecule presents symmetrical and unsymmetrical stretch modes. The third and fourth bending modes include bending in the plane of page or perpendicular to it (“doubly degenerate”).

311 Table 11 - % Volume Change 2 minutes subsequent to RGD Figure 5 – Factor/Level effects on swelling in CO2.

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