By Joseph Conrad

This variation is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a operating Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of center of Darkness. This version will be invaluable for those who wou

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Convey: 양도하다, 전달하다, 나르다, 전하다, 뜻하다, 알리다, 옮기다, 나타내다, 운반하다, 시사하다. epoch: 시대, 신기원, 신시대, 중요한 사건, 기. fluently: 유창하게, 우아하게, 웅변으로, 완만하게, 거침없이. narrative: 이야기, 이야기체의, 설화, 설화의, 화술, 설화 문학. penetrating: 관통하는, 꿰뚫는, 침투하는, 날카로운, 견식 높은, 예리한, 잘 들리는, 통찰력이 있는, 현명한, 예민한. revolt: 반란, 반항, 반감, 반란을 일으키다, 비위 상하게 하다, 혐오, 반항적태도, 구역질나다, 반감이 생기다, 폭동, 적편에 붙다. rotten: 약한, 썩은, 부패한, 부서지기 쉬운, 타락한, 더러운, 취약한, 나쁜, 태도가 나쁜, 궂은, 축축한. vain: 헛된, 쓸데 없는, 공허한, 자부심이 강한, 헛되게, 경솔하게, 가치없는, 자만심이 강한, 속절없는. wretched: 나쁜, 불운한, 지독한, 비참한, 야비한, 아주 불쾌한, 서툰.

You see me, whom you know. . " It had become so pitch dark that we listeners could hardly see one another. For a long time already he, sitting apart, had been no more to us than a voice. There was not a word from anybody. The others might have been asleep, but I was awake. I listened, I listened on the watch for the sentence, for the word, that would give me the clew to the faint uneasiness inspired by this narrative that seemed to shape itself without human lips in the heavy night-air of the river.

Inhuman: 몰인정한, 비인간적인, 초인적인, 잔학한, 냉혹한, 잔인한. leaky: 새기 쉬운, 오줌을 지리는, 새는 구멍 있는, 비밀을 누설하기 쉬운, 오줌을 잘 싸는, 새는 구멍이 있는. pate: 머리, 두뇌, 머리의. valor: 용기. whiles: 그러는 동안에, 때때로, 하는 동안, 하지만, 그런데. woolen: 나사, 모직의 옷, 모직물, 양털의. Joseph Conrad 43 on each of his cheeks. He ought to have been clapping his hands and stamping his feet on the bank, instead of which he was hard at work, a thrall to strange witchcraft, full of improving knowledge. He was useful because he had been instructed; and what he knew was this--that should the water in that transparent thing disappear, the evil spirit inside the boiler would get angry through the greatness of his thirst, and take a terrible vengeance.

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