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The facts of medicine are grist for the writer's mill; the writer's evocations of man's fate are stimuli for reflections of thoughtful physicians. A primary source for the physician is the personal history of each patient, which may be thought of as the patient's life story or novel. The facility for simultaneous detachment from and attachment to life is common to literature and medicine. Indeed, the ability to couple observation and participation provides an opportunity for dialogue between seemingly otherwise disparate disciplines.

I'm not as good at perceiving patterns as some of the people here. I can't identify the class to which people who think about these things belong. To expand a bit: however much mystery and beauty there may be in the human body, Dick, it does seem to have a lot of breakdowns. There are much better designs, I understand, Page 11 that can be made for an organism that would be capable of synaptic connections. To me it seems clear that organ transplants and genetic research are only the tiniest beginning.

BILL OBER That's a tailored piece for a specific journal. There is nothing wrong with that. NANCY ANDREASEN The other area in which I've combined psychiatry and literature is my work with the nature of the creative process and the extent to which imagination influences it. There seem to be no right words to talk about this process, but it centers around the extent to which creativity is dependent upon a bit of madness in terms of sheer imagination. This in turn brings up the question of whether or not creative people have a genetic constitution which predisposes emotional problems of one sort or another.

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