By James Cable

Gunboat international relations 1919-1979: Political functions of constrained Naval strength

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53. 4 Vice-Admiral Muselier has written his own, first-hand, account in Chapters 22-24 of De Gaulle Contre Ie Gaullisme. See also Bibliography for other relevant books. 5 Clausewitz, On War, English translation, Pelican Classics 1968. 6 Alastair Buchan, War in Modern Society, Watts 1966. 7 See John Bartlow Martin, Overtaken by Events, Doubleday & Co. , 1966. 1 2 Chapter Two PRINCIPLES AND PRECEDENTS OF LIMITED NAVAL FORCE Limited is a victim of SLIPSHOD EXTENSION .... a lazy habit of treating LIMITED as a convenient synonym for many more suitable and more exact words ...

This reference to the extent of the resistance likely to be evoked by an act of limited force leads us from the political to the military conditions of this expedient. The force employed must be regarded by both sides as capable of achieving its specific purpose. If COSSACK, for instance, had not been expected to reach ALTMARK and to return with the prisoners, then Churchill's order of 16 February, unless it had been a mere gamble, would have implied a readiness to follow an initial failure by the employment of more extensive force.

Hugging the coast. she slipped through the gathering dusk. But ARETHUSA closed to read the name on ALTMARK'S stern and to be reported. with her accompanying destroyers. by FIRERN as five British cruisers. The full cast was now assembled on the stage and we may skim over the largely irrelevant moves before the next curtain - the torpedo boat SKARV taking over escort duties. the exchange of signals (often mutually incomprehensible) with the British warships. their unsuccessful attempts to stop ALTMARK or detach her from her Norwegian escort.

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