By Richard Drake PhD FAAA, A. Wayne Vogl PhD FAAA, Adam W. M. Mitchell MB BS FRCS FRCR

Множество иллюстраций, простой язык, клинические примеры.
Толково, доступно, наглядно - что еще нужно для студента.
Anatomy texts simply dont get any larger than Grays Anatomy for college kids! Now in its third version, this thoroughly revised scientific textbook keeps its specialize in simply the center info you would like to your anatomy classes, offering every little thing in an easy-to-read, visually beautiful layout that allows study.
Learn all you wish for anatomy during this effortless to learn good laid out booklet. every one bankruptcy begins with an outline of whats lined (ie. simply the fundamentals) after which proceeds in a compartmental type in the course of the limb or procedure you're learning. The language is apparent, plenty of color illustrations and precis tables. moreover there are medical pearls.

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Fibrous joints include sutures, gomphoses, and syndesmoses. • • • Sutures occur only in the skull where adj acent bones are linked by a thin layer of connective tissue termed a sutural ligament. Gomphoses occur only between the teeth and adj acent bone. In these joints , short collagen tissue fibers in the periodontal ligament run between the root of the tooth and the bony socket. Syndesmoses are joints in which two adj acent bones are linked by a ligament. Examples are the ligamentum flavum, which connects adj acent vertebral laminae, and an interosseous membrane, which links, for example, the radius and ulna in the forearm.

Muscular System M U S C U LAR SYSTEM The muscular system is generally regarded as consisting of one type of muscle found in the body-skeletal muscle. However, there are two other types of muscle tissue found in the body, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle, that are important components of other systems. These three types of muscle can be characterized by whether they are con­ trolled voluntarily or involuntarily, whether they appear striated (striped) or smooth, and whether they are associ­ ated with the body wall (somatic) or with organs and blood vessels (visceral).

Structures in the superficial region of the body include the skin, superficial fascia, and mammary glands. Deep struc­ tures include most skeletal muscles and viscera. Superficial wounds are external to the outer layer of deep fascia, whereas deep wounds penetrate through it. Proximal and distal, cranial and caudal, and rostral Other terms used to describe positions include proximal and distal, cranial and caudal, and rostral. com Imaging • Diagnostic Imaging Techniques Imaging Diagnostic imaging techniques Tungsten target In 1 8 9 5 Wilhelm Roentgen used the X-rays from a cathode ray tube to expose a photographic plate and produce the first radiographic exposure of his wife's hand.

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