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Strategien im Unternehmen erfolgreich umsetzen: Barrieren überwinden und aktiv handeln

Praxiserprobt und in kompakter Weise bietet das Buch fallspezifische Werkzeuge und eröffnet neue Wege zur Umsetzung von Strategien.

Paartherapie bei sexuellen Störungen: Das Hamburger Modell: Konzept und Technik

Das Hamburger Modell der Paartherapie bei sexuellen Störungen vereint psychodynamisches Verständnis mit verhaltenstherapeutischen Elementen und systemischen Aspekten. Es hat sich in mehr als 30 Jahren praktischer Anwendung immer wieder eindrucksvoll bewährt, aber auch als flexibel genug erwiesen, um den sich wandelnden gesellschaftlichen und klinischen Anforderungen Rechnung zu tragen.

The Beginnings of Scholarly Economic Journalism: The Austrian Economist and The German Economist

The dual journals, Der Österreichische Volkswirt (The Austrian Economist) and Der Deutsche Volkswirt (The German Economist) have been created by means of Gustav Stolper, godfather of Joseph Schumpeter, first in Vienna after which after the 1st global warfare, in Berlin. Schumpeter was once to turn into a widespread contributor of the Berlin-based magazine, which mixed a profitable mix of monetary research and political and enterprise insider wisdom which Stolper won along with his well-known and wanted events at his Wannsee villa.

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2003) 36 37 WEILER (note 11), 399 120 GERMAN LAW JOURNAL [Vol. 07 No. 39 Schmitt’s influence over European legal science in general is attributed significant space in the 2003 volume, particularly in the contributions on Italian and Spanish doctrinal legacies. The special relationship between Schmitt and Spain, Menéndez suggests, cannot exclusively be explained by a conservative theoretician retaining his appeal in a bastion of Fascist thought. The reason is also that Schmitt chose the Spanish 19th Century philosopher José Donoso Cortés to sharpen his own criticism of parliamentary democracy.

187-189 124 GERMAN LAW JOURNAL [Vol. 07 No. 02 E. Concluding remarks The Special issue of the German Law Journal contains contributions that directly relate to the 2005 debate on the proposed EU constitution and therefore supposedly are less significant for long-term research on European law and its historical roots. Among certain authors there are also political overtones that a (less ‘EU-phoric’) Scandinavian reader may find somewhat bizarre. 58 In this context Kumm adds that he would find it natural that the EU Commission financially supported universities and other seats of higher learning for giving courses in European legal history at their law faculties.

Hart Publishing, 2003. ISBN 1-84113-310-8. BP 55/$ 116. A. What’s a man to do knowing that Hans Peter Ipsen, first and long time doyen of the Community law profession in Germany, started his career as one of Hitler’s willing academics? And what, suspecting that the ECJ decision in Costa v. ENEL (supremacy) drew inspiration from a speech of the same Ipsen’s harking back to his older theories and attended by ECJ-justices just five days before their judgment? Taken together these two facts suggest some intimate legal continuity between the darkest period of the last century and one of its most promising political projects.

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