By Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Francis P. Magoun, Alexander Haggerty Krappe

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But the kids knew from the gruff voice that it was the wolf. "We shan't open the door," they cried. "You're not our mother; she has a soft sweet voice. " Then the wolf went off to a shopkeeper and bought a big piece of chalk; this it ate and thus made its voice soft. Then it came back, knocked on the front door, and called, ''Open the door, children dear. " But the wolf had put its black paw in the window. The children saw that and cried: "We Page 21 shan't open the door. " When the baker had done so, it went to the miller and said, "Sprinkle some white flour on my paw.

I've never heard that name in all my life. " The cat's mouth soon watered again for the delicacy. "All good things go by threes," it said to the mouse. "Now I'm again to stand sponsor; the child's all black and only its paws are white; otherwise there's not a white hair on its body. Such a thing occurs only once every few years. " "Top-Layer-Off, Half-Gone," answered the mouse. " In the cat's absence the mouse tidied the house and set it in order, but the cat with its taste for dainties emptied the pot Page 8 completely.

5 The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids: Der Wolf und die sieben jungen Geisslein There was once an old goat who had seven little kids, and she loved them as mothers love their children. One day she was going into the forest to fetch food and, calling all seven, said: "Children dear, I'm going out into the forest. Watch out for the wolf; if it gets into the house, it'll eat you all up skin and bones. " The kids said, "Mother dear, of course we'll be careful. " Then the old goat bleated and set out quite untroubled.

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