By Kun'ichi Miyazawa, Masaru Tachibana, Tadahiko Mashino, Tokushi Kizuka, Yuichi Ochiai

This publication presents special wisdom approximately fullerene nanowhiskers and the comparable low-dimensional fullerene nanomaterials. It introduces tubular nanofibers made from fullerenes, fullerene nanotubes, and unmarried crystalline skinny movie made from C60, known as fullerene nanosheet.

Since the invention of C60 in 1985, quite a few fullerene molecules, together with better fullerenes reminiscent of C70, endohedral fullerenes, and fullerene derivatives were synthesized. In 2001, a brand new type of crystalline carbon nanofiber, fullerene nanowhisker, used to be chanced on. This publication is the 1st ebook that includes the fullerene nanowhiskers made up of C60, C70, and C60 derivatives. the bogus strategy (liquid–liquid interfacial precipitation process) and the actual and chemical houses akin to electric, mechanical, optical, magnetic, thermodynamic, and floor homes are proven for the fullerene nanowhiskers, together with their digital machine program.

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Somani, S. P. Somani, and M. Umeno, Appl. Phys. , 91, 173503 (2007). jp Syntheses of three types of typical fullerene derivatives — malonic acid-type, pyrrolidine-type, and metal complex — are described. Nanowhiskers containing these fullerene derivatives were prepared from a mixture of C60 and fullerene derivatives. These nanowhiskers were single crystalline, indicating that the fullerene derivatives formed a solid solution with C60. However, incorporation of fullerene derivatives into the C60 matrix in fullerene nanowhiskers was inhibited by large functional groups of fullerene derivatives.

Therefore, it seems that the formation of C60 radical anions is not related to the photoassisted growth. The photo-assisted C60NW growth is effective in light with only 600 nm. 37 The red light appears to give rise to a significant illumination effect on both C60 solution and solid. According to previous reports,38,39 the mechanism of the optical absorption around 600 nm is different from that around 530 nm. Therefore, the mechanism of the optical absorption around 600 nm must be related to the photo-assisted growth.

The length of C60NWs was observed to change depending on the water content in IPA. 3 mass % water was used. 5 mass % water was used, C60NWs with lengths greater than 10 mm could be synthesized in 1 day. But after 7 days from the start of the synthesis, C60NWs were found to be partly decomposed and many bulky and granular C60 crystals appeared (Fig. 5). 8 mass % water was used, no C60NWs were formed, although granular C60 crystals precipitated. 5 mass % water (Fig. 6). The chemical properties and the cluster structure of solvent molecules must be changed by the addition of water.

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