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The material removal mechanisms by the movement of loose abrasive grains in a fluid between the three-dimensional surface structures of tool and the lapping wheel are the object of discussion in other chapters of this book. 2 GEOMETRICAL AND KINEMATICAL PARAMETERS OF THE RELATIVE MOVEMENT The equations describing the relative movements are formulated in a coordinate system, which is fixed relative to the lapping wheel. The Z-axis of this cartesian coordinate system corresponds to the rotational axis of the lower lapping wheel.

Then, they diffuse nearly parallel to the surface. Also, it could be observed that radial and lateral cracks develop during the stress phase [47]. The crack types and sequence of cracks depend on the material, the environmental conditions, the indenter, and the height of the load [47]. 2006 6:11pm 19 On the basis of short-time lapping tests on polished glass surfaces, Phillips et al. [56] proved a conformance of the indentation morphologies, which had been caused by the single grains of the lapping abrasive or by Vickers indentation tests.

However, detailed specifications on the technological dependencies of the depth of subsurface damage on the machining parameters are only rudimentary and mainly refer to the specification of the depth of subsurface damage of single machining parameters. Stickler and Booker [94] carried out detailed investigations of the subsurface damage during lapping with diamond grains (kerosene as lapping medium). According to their SEM and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) investigations, the damaged subsurface consists of single dislocation lines closely below the surface and dislocation and crack networks reaching deep below it.

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