By Eric A. Kreuter

​​​​​ The compensating build of resiliency, itself, has now not been in comparison to the matter of lack of relevancy. as a result, there's an open hall for the enlightened therapist, occupation trainer, or mentor to safely advisor a bothered individual with distinctive demanding situations to rework themselves right into a newly thriving being. This booklet explores the subject intimately with references to the literature the place earlier thought may be utilized to improve this subject additional. Anecdotal facts helping the authors’ standpoint is gifted, together with numerous short case reports of people who've thrived following cessation in their previous careers. ​

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Bringing a humble presence to all endeavors can lead to a more authentic presentation of the self. This approach will help draw people in rather than repel them. Even when giving of one’s time, doing so humbly would likely enhance the reception of the gift by the receiver. In contrast, falsely portraying oneself to others can have devastating consequences. For example, overstating or overselling on job applications and interviews or boasting contrary to the evidence may backfire and cause problems.

People with less privilege and power—for example, people of color and women—have become great adapters to the whims of others. They are expected to give in to those with higher agency and to fit in without making waves” (p. 58). Resiliency is not a trait that a person is born with. It is a process of ‘becoming’ more resilient over time. Resiliency is learned through mastering struggles and achieving goals. It is a lifelong learning process. Core to Torah learning is self improvement, as a lifelong process; and core to resilience is studying the Torah.

Frankl (2006) wrote: “A man who let himself decline because he could not see any future goal found himself occupied with retrospective thoughts” (p. 71). Think of an imaginary young man, Steve, a college graduate who was recently laid off from his job as an assistant warehouse manager. Steve was an average student who has a “normal” social life and a small but steady group of friends, mostly college buddies whom he can see as he likes. Steve was hardworking, never took unnecessary sick days, arrived to work on time or, sometimes, early, and was well liked by coworkers.

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