By Patrick Holford

FOOD is healthier drugs THAN medicines is a vital and in all probability debatable publication from most sensible nutritionist Patrick Holford and major overall healthiness journalist Jerome Burne. Brilliantly researched and in keeping with strong clinical trials and illuminating case histories, nutrition is healthier drugs than medicinal drugs will revolutionise how you take into consideration your future health and positioned you again dependable. The authors show how glossy medication has develop into distorted and is now, for purposes mostly to do with revenue and tool, seriously depending on prescribed drugs. they give the impression of being at universal illnesses (pain/arthritis, center, melancholy, diabetes, reminiscence, hormones, digestion, respiring, infections and so on) and evaluate the effectiveness of nutrition-based methods with cutting-edge almost certainly damaging favourite medicines.

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According to Dr Marcia Angell’s The Truth About Drug Companies, published in 2004, Out of seventy-eight drugs approved by the FDA in 2002, only seventeen contained new active ingredients, and only seven of these were classified by the FDA as improvements over older drugs. 24 This is an industry that drives a hard bargain, one that you might not want to be part of unless absolutely necessary. A very modern death rate So both the regulators and the drug companies regard a certain amount of casualties from drug’s ‘friendly fire’, as it were, to be both inevitable and acceptable.

The dangers of passive smoking or illegal drugs are frequently aired in health campaigns and outraged newspaper editorials, but ADRs – which exact a far greater toll of misery – very rarely trigger the same level of indignation. And quite apart from the human cost, they are a huge and unnecessary financial drain. 29 Yet if you were to ask most doctors about ADRs, you would very probably be told two things. First, that the risks of any one person having a problem is pretty small; and secondly, that if a medicine doesn’t have any side effects, it’s almost certainly not effective.

But once you’ve got a diagnosis, we hope you’ll use this book to make a more informed choice about what course to take. Your doctor may well tell you that this choice is between scientific, properly tested medicine (drugs, in short) and untested ‘folk’ medicine that depends on exaggerated claims and ignorance, and works – if at all – only through the placebo effect. We view that choice very differently. Good vs profitable One of the most striking findings of this book is that much of the supposed scientific basis for the top-selling drugs owes more to skilful marketing than a detached assessment of the evidence.

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