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The plough marks are patently younger than the mosaic, and were buried by soil (they are in fact Medieval). Covert graves are sometimes re-excavated in order to further obscure evidence. Cutting of infilled ground and incision of clothing, bones or flesh by digging are again cross-cutting events that give a relative age to activity. Finally, natural events may aid the dating of activity. From aerial photographs taken in southern California, law enforcement agencies wished to establish when a dirt track was last used, possibly by drug traffickers.

Landforms and their discontinuities evolve through time and will thus contain relict topography and deposits as well as those actively forming. Traditional geomorphological mapping was mainly developed on a morphological basis and became over-complicated when too many characteristics of the landscape were included in the process of segmentation (soil, surface material, drainage). Similarly, many papers through the 1960s and 1970s spent time discussing and defining segment boundaries, when simple morphology is usually sufficient, onto which other information can be added later.

11 A landform mapping approach used to segment the area into domains, based largely on small watersheds. 9 30 PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY sometime thereafter. The potential burial locations in Domain 7 were limited by bedrock and bog to the west and by views from the road, most especially where police vehicles parked on the night in question. Domain 6 had the same limitation as 7 and 8, being visible from the road and the houses. A NE–SW oriented spur protected the centre of the location adjacent to the stream, in which waterlogging would occur when dug but perhaps in dry weather, unlike the bog, burial would have been possible.

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