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Extract from Captain Stormfield's stopover at to Heaven used to be released as a Christmas present e-book in October 1909, six months earlier than Twain's dying. Combining technology fiction with a satiric examine traditional perspectives of the afterlife, Twain can provide an fun and trenchant statement on human self-importance and pretensions. a lot of the humor of the tale rests at the sharp discrepancies among Stormfield's cocksure expectancies of heaven and its fact. The Captain discovers, for example, that the planet Earth, faraway from being the "crown of creation," is basically one in all numerous planets sending its departed population to the heavenly precincts. certainly, we're up to now from the heart of items that it takes Stormfield 30 years of hurtling via area to get to heaven, merely to discover, whilst he arrives, that the top clerk can't locate our planet on his large map. In his advent, author Frederik Pohl writes of this innovative and thought-provoking tale, "It's humorous, it truly is colourful and it does the issues that Twain meant it to do--one of them being to demonstrate the silliness of the backwoods models of Heaven and of faith in general."

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