By Dan M., M.D. Meyer Michael E., M.D. Jessen

This instruction manual is directed at intensivists,surgeons, pediatricians,residents, perfusionists,nurses and ECMO(extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) technologists excited about the care of sufferers with breathing or cardiac failure that can require extracorporeal aid. It offers particular info at the mechanics of ECMO, the apparatus required, the body structure of extracorporeal help, and the administration of sufferers supported on ECMO. present result of ECMO and substitute help ideas also are reviewed in a few chapters of this publication. The authors' objective is to offer clinically beneficial details in a fashion that allows the reader to swiftly investigate medical events, troubleshoot difficulties, and comprehend the predicted result of remedy.

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Elevated levels of endotoxin, oxygen-derived free radicals and cytokines during extracorporeal oxygenation. J Pediatr Surg 1992; 27:1199-1202. Zach TL, Steinhorn RH, Georgieff MK et al. Leukopenia associated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in newborn infants. J Pediatr 1990; 116:440-444. Hocker JR, Welhausen SR, Ward RA et al. Effect of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation on leukocyte function in neonates. Artif Organs 1991; 15:23-28. Mayer Jr. JE, McCullough J, Weiblen BJ et al. Effects of cardiopulmonary bypass on neutrophil chemotaxis.

7. Medtronic R-14, R-38 assist reservoirs (venous bladder). 00 — 4. Management Guidelines • Venous bladder change procedure: • Using sterile technique, assemble the new bladder device • Clean pre- and postbladder connections with betadine • Place bladder pressure monitor in standby mode • Come off ECMO • Place clamps on both sides of the bladder and cut out old bladder • Connect right side of bladder (double luer lock) • De-air bladder while connecting left side, infuse with saline, make an airless connection • Fill bladder before removing clamps • Remove clamps • Turn pump on slowly, recirculate • Survey for clamps, air • Resume bypass • Attach bladder transducer monitoring line • Zero bladder transducer, set alarm limits, test alarm function • Check ACT, Hematocrit Fig.

As long as blood flow is adequate for end-organ Fig. 4. Bio-Medicus Bio-Pump® -80 centrifugal pump. perfusion, there are no deleterious effects of nonpulsatile flow. c. Possible advantages of pulsatile flow i. Renal Majority of studies have shown pulsatile flow improves urinary output. Some evidence that pulsatile flow preserves outer cortical blood flow and reduces renin release, both helping to preserve renal function. However, in patients with normal kidneys, the true clinical significance of pulsatile flow is uncertain.

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