By Kenneth Hylson-Smith

A accomplished and balanced historical past of the Evangelicals within the Church of britain.

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The Olney hymns were important in this development. The co-operation of Newton and Cowper in producing the Olney Hymns was but one outcome of a remarkable relationship. The intimacy of friendship between the robust, self-taught ex-sea captain and the delicate, timid, scholarly ex-lawyer of exquisite taste was made possible by the religious bond which united them. Cowper was one of the foremost poets of the day, and his poetry carried the Evangelical ethos into quarters which the movement had hitherto not reached, and which Wesleyanism was never to reach.

Elliott-Binns, The Early Evangelicals (London, 1953); John S. Simon, John Wesley and the Religious Societies (London, 1921); J. V. D. ), Essays in Modem Church History (1966);Josiah Woodward, An Account of the Rise and Progress of the Societies in the City of London (Third edition, London, 1701). D. , 1956). TOWARDS A NATIONAL CRUSADE 35 Venn; and Lady Huntingdon, in addition to those Evangelicals she employed as her private chaplains, placed Walter Sellon at Ledsham, probably much to her regret as he became a decided Arminian and she was a convinced Calvinist.

He judged that the state of the country needed exceptional action. Regularity, he considered, was of secondary importance to the demands of the hour. The forthright preaching in other parishes of a message which often attracted considerable crowds, understandably provoked opposition, especially from the incumbents of the parishes concerned. The most violent opponent was the Rev. George White, perpetual curate of Colne and Marsden in Lancashire. In a published sermon in 1748 he attacked Grimshaw and all his fellow labourers.

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