By Plotino, a cura di Vincenzo Cilento

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33 IMDEC has also been the key leader in the network in the field of popular communications, promoting the democratization of art and media and their use in popular education and grassroots organizing. 35 In Canada, ALFORJA members came north to help us establish the Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action (1985–1995); similar work has been carried on since the late 1990s by the Catalyst Centre, one of the VIVA! 36 Of the other VIVA! partners, teachers in the two universities in Mexico and in Nicaragua were more familiar with popular education, given its influence in the region, than those in the North.

VIVA! project collaborators have both created rituals and explored them in our annual gatherings; the Harvesting Stories conference in Toronto in late October 2004 culminated in a cultural evening, Beyond Halloween: Celebrating Life and Death, allowing us to share stories from Anishnabe and Kuna, Mexican and European traditions that honor the dead, and reveal, in fact, very distinct worldviews of the processes of living and dying. Our storytelling was followed the next evening by a community event in Toronto, Night of Dread, which has appropriated the Day of the Dead to involve a downtown neighborhood in parading their fears with large puppets and masks.

BilwiVision, the community television station on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, aims to create space on the airwaves for Miskitu, Creole, and mestizo peoples who are crafting their own coexistence in the context of autonomy from the national government. The cultural marketplace in Guadalajara, Tianguis Cultural, is also about the convergence of youth with very different identities, who are linking their right to self-expression with those of the Huichol people, for example, aiming to create a more tolerant urban culture as well as alliances for social struggles.

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