By Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

As well as being queen consort of either Louis VII of France and Henry II of britain, she was once additionally the mum of Richard I the Lion-Heart and John of England.

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Everyone thought it was a much more suitable place to camp. When the main army arrived at the originally designated spot, they found it deserted. King Louis became alarmed when he learned that Queen Eleanor was nowhere in sight. The army continued through the pass. Suddenly, a brigade of Turks swept down on the army. Men and horses scattered in every direction. Many men plunged down a ravine to their deaths. The Turks killed some 7,000 Crusaders and plundered valuable supplies from the baggage train in the attack.

They simply chose to ignore the punishment, but with his religious background, King Louis handled the situation differently. In view of his devotion to God, excommunication was unbearable. He decided to take matters into his own hands. King Louis blamed the Count of Champagne for all of his troubles. He called together an army of knights and invaded Champagne. His knights attacked the town of Vitry and took the townspeople by surprise. During the attack, the king’s 27 28 Eleanor of Aquitaine army set fire to all of the town’s thatched-roof houses.

C. bring Christianity to Europe. d. conquer more land for France. 3 The Roman imperial army was led by a. Roman Emperor Augustus I. b. Duke Henry of Normandy. c. German Emperor Conrad III. d. Eleanor of Aquitaine. 4 During the Second Crusade about how many Crusaders were killed? a. 7,000 b. 10,000 c. 5,000 d. 15,000 49 Eleanor of Aquitaine 50 The soldiers of the Second Crusade reached the walls of Jerusalem in what year? a. 1848 b. 1184 c. 1584 d. 1148 ANSWERS: 1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. a ; 5. d 5 A Monk, Not a King s fall approached, what was left of the French army A began to break apart.

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