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Leftism: From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse

Kuehnelt seeks to redefine the political spectrum. His history as an Austrian nobleman provides him a standpoint on politics that's very varied and detailed in comparison with the majority of americans. Kuehnel additionally overtly writes from a Roman Catholic standpoint and pro-Christian perspective. He defines as "leftist" as any flow that emphasizes "identitarianism" (i.


The making of 1 of the world's such a lot magical gardens

The backyard at Wychwood, on the foot of the nice Western stages in northern Tasmania, is likely one of the world's such a lot magical areas. Wychwood combines Scandinavian layout sensibilities with temperate-climate country-garden attraction. And to most sensible it off, the idyllic Mole Creek, that is domestic to brown trout and a platypus, runs throughout the again of the property.

Wychwood commemorates a backyard over 22 years within the making, delivered to existence via a truly certain family members who dreamt of the easy lifestyles in Tasmania. The booklet info the evolution of the backyard from naked paddock to world-class charm, with its iconic labyrinth, espaliered fruit bushes, naturalistic planted beds and curved, clipped lawns. It provides the reader perception into the strategies and secrets and techniques that make the layout of this backyard such a success, delivering suggestion and encouragement at each flip, and for each point of gardener.

Peter Cooper's appealing and haunting images captures how the backyard has remodeled. ..

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Everyone is called upon to ensure that the slide projections operate while ‘any Hendrix’ record is played — they take the creative organisation of the situation into their own hands. The principle of ‘private performances’ applies in this instance not so much to individual relations between work and viewer as to intersubjective and physical encounters: we may take the emphasis placed on ‘otherness’ to be also an erotically charged evocation of incalculable ‘other’ experiences. Moreover, this form of improvisation is ultimately designed to foster the performance of the individual, to be intensified by collective action.

This mixture shows that Oiticica did not see social and political opposition as grounded in contrasts — ‘straight’ and ‘queer’, ‘north’ and ‘south’, or ‘democracy’ and ‘dictatorship’. 71 In the late 1960s, Oiticica’s home in Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Botânico had already served as a downright clandestine meeting point where (middle-class) bohemians mingled with people from Mangueira. Friends and acquaintances stayed overnight, and some moved in for extended periods of time or even indefinitely. Among Oiticica’s temporary tenants in 1968 and 1969 were key figures of the Tropicália movement,72 such as Waly Salomão — Oiticica helped him edit Me segura qu’eu vou dar um troço (Hold Me Because I’m Going to Have a Fit, 1972), his first volume of poetry, during that time73 — and Rogério Duarte.

44 As we will go on to discuss later, cocaine, used in the Cosmococas both as medium and reference, is by no means replaceable by other psychoactive or illicit substances. Specific media may represent distinct instruments of mediation, but they are always Block-Experiments in Cosmococa — program in progress | 19 and most of all embedded in subject-object relations and inscribed in broader societal structures. Despite the fact that Block-Experiments in Cosmococa is an open programme in progress, it is fair to say that each of its parts (‘blocks’) integrates interrelated artistic and ethical, social and political, physical and mental, metabolic and pharmacological components that do point towards a process-based whole.

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