By James Joyce

This variation is written in English. even if, there's a operating Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of Dubliners. This version will be worthy if you'd like

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Ingenuously: 꾸밈없는, 솔직한, 순진한, 정직한. kindling: 불쏘기개, 불쏘시개, 점화. madrigal: 합창곡, 사랑의 소곡. mingled: 섞는, 뒤섞이는. northward: 북방, 북을 향하여, 북쪽으로, 북쪽으로의, 북, 북을향한, 북으로 향한, 북쪽으로 향해서, 북쪽으로 향한, 북으로 향해서. resonant: 울려 퍼지는, 반향하는, 소리가 반향하는, 공진의, 소리 따위가 반향하는. ridicule: 비웃다, 비웃음, 조소, 조롱, 놀림, 조롱거리, 조소하다, 웃음거리. snug: 아늑한, 넉넉한, 숨은, 조촐한, 깨끗한, 내항성있는, 잘 정비된, 서로 기분 좋게 눕다, 가지런히 정비된, 단정히 하다, 아담한. spurious: 가짜의, 사생아의, 그럴싸한, 비논리적인, 의사의. torpid: 마비된, 무감각한, 활발치 않은, 오크스퍼르드 대학의 춘계 보트 레이스, 움직이지 않는, 동면하는. trepidation: 전율, 공포, 떨림. 36 Dubliners grew harder each moment: there was even danger of personal spite.

James Joyce 47 He%spoke roughly in order to belie his air of gentility for his entry had been followed by a pause of talk. His face was heated. To appear natural he pushed his cap back on his head and planted his elbows on the table. The mechanic and the two work-girls examined him point by point before resuming their conversation in a subdued voice.

Moreover Ségouin had the unmistakable air of wealth. Jimmy set out to translate into days' work that lordly car in which he sat. How smoothly it ran. In what style they had come careering along the country roads! The journey laid a magical finger on the genuine pulse of life and gallantly the machinery of human nerves strove to answer the bounding courses of the swift blue animal. They drove down Dame Street. The street was busy with unusual traffic, loud with the horns of motorists and the gongs of impatient tram-drivers.

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