By Chris Pistorius, Boyd Davis, Sergio Sanchez-Segado, Thomas Battle, Jerome Downey, Lawrence May, Neale Neelameggham

The papers during this quantity supply the reader centred details at the very important extractive metallurgy unit operations of drying, roasting, and calcining

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Com 35 extracting indium. However, there are no indium independent mineral phases in ZOFD, and indium in the form of isomorphism is enwrapped by zinc ferrite (ZnFe2C>4) or other solid forms. Only 60-70% indium can be extracted by conventional leaching process. Microwave roasting in metallurgy has been a subject of interest during these years [9,10], It is being increasingly applied to improve the yield of extracted metal and reduce processing duration, especially with the increasing demand for more environmental friendly processes.

5000 The optimization experiments were performed in an ATS Series 3210 tube furnace and in a GSL-1100X tube furnace. Photographs of the furnaces are presented in Figures 3 and 4, respectively. Figure 2: ATS Series 3210 tube furnace used to perform bromination roast experiments. Figure 3: GSL-1100X tube furnace used to perform bromination roasting experiments. In preparation for each experiment, masses of reagent grade ytterbium oxide and ammonium bromide (in the desired molar ratio) were placed in the center of a mullite boat, and the mass of the loaded boat was measured and recorded.

Concentrates having high levels of arsenic and antimony must be pretreated before smelting. Roasting is the preferred method for removing these toxic impurities from concentrates; However, the removal of As, Sb and Bi in oxidizing roasting by volatilization may not be complete due to the slow reaction rates at 500700 °C. Oxidizing/volatilization data were obtained from pure mineral mixtures and from arsenic rich copper concentrate. The reaction mechanism for the volatilization of arsenic and antimony were discussed.

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