By Ben Phillips

"It doesn't subject that you're grotesque and feature a small d!#k, you'll nonetheless have ladies throwing themselves at you! Won't you!"

Welcome to Uber using - and this hilarious and poignant account of riding Sydneysiders to and from destinations wild, recognized and notorious. Uber drivers get an intimate glimpse into people's lives - from their morning exercises to their melancholy after being ditched on the pub (see gruesome dick comments). They act as sounding forums, take the rap for loud tune, see humans at their best and weakest, and most significantly get to monitor a solid of completely amazing characters that make a massive city.

From Jacob the hire boy to Lydia the neglectful, the trendy Uber driving force sees all of it. And whilst humans ask our driving force why doesn't he get a true task, he thinks of the wonderful tales he will get on a daily basis, and says, "No thanks."

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