By Thubten Chodron

Facing Life's matters A Buddhist standpoint operating With Anger [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1111] Thubten Chodron

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Therefore, it is going to differ from person to person. ” Thinking like that inspires us to generate love and compassion and to practise the Dharma with sincerity. a How does karma play a part in an event that rivets the planet? Each of us has created the karma to be where we were when the tragedy happened. Collective karma is karma we have created together with other people. We experience the result of collective karma together as a group. But within this group experience, we each have our own individual experience.

The Buddha knew that one method wouldn’t fit all, just as there isn’t one food that suits everyone. Therefore, within his teachings, there are a variety of practices and methods to chose from. All of them relate back to the Four Noble Truths, and if we understand this, we see that none of them contradicts the others. If we really have faith in the Buddha, we must be open-minded, because the Buddha himself taught such tolerance and appreciation of diversity. Worldwide, different religions will exist because not everybody has the same interests and dispositions.

It is admirable that as Buddhists, we did not riot or attack anyone when our holy artefacts were destroyed. Our non-violent response did not indicate fear or weakness on our part; it demonstrated that we do not believe in retaliation or inflicting harm on others. Although we shouldn’t boast about this, we do need to point out to the world that we handled this peacefully. It may set an example so that other people will see that non-violence is more productive as a response. On the other hand, we do need to speak out and point out the destruction of these sacred objects so that damage to sacred artefacts of any religion can be prevented in the future.

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