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Skunk Ape: essentially the Bigfoot of South-eastern USA, the Skunk ape is also referred to as the Swamp Ape, Stink Ape or Myakka Ape. A foul-smelling hominid, this ape-like creature who walks on two legs has even been captured on camera (although some dispute the photos, saying they have been manipulated). 64. Glawackus: the lumberjacks of early 20th century North America say this creature looked like a cross between a bear, a lion and a panther. Said to have attacked livestock in Connecticut and Massachusetts, the animal has never been caught despite a number of expeditions to find it.

They turn to stone in the sunlight and are dangerous should you come across one at night - trolls will kidnap (and most likely eat) you. In later folk tales it is said that the sound of church bells scares the trolls away from human communities, whereas in earlier legends lightning had the same effect. 85. Banshee: This messenger from the underworld takes the form of a fairy woman who wails at an impending death. Important families in Ireland each had their own Banshee, who’s mournful cries would signify the imminent passing of one of their members.

Half lizard, half bird, with a metallic beak full of razor-sharp teeth, this fearsome beast sucked the blood from its victims, and could only be kept at bay by seven pointed stars - which you can still see painted on dwellings in the area today. The Chupacabra Classical - Part 2 71. Pegasus: this winged divine stallion was most often depicted as being pure white in colour; sired by Poseidon and foaled by Medusa, born alongside his brother Chrysaor when his pregnant mother was decapitated by Perseus.

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