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Besides taking part in actual armed conflict and providing information to their fellow combatants, they supported the cause by illustrating flyers and by forging documents. These hard times, difficult also for those exiled artists who survived them, were filled with suffering of all kinds. Hans Hartung, a foreign legionnaire, lost a leg in the fight to liberate France in 1944. Many of these artists’ works were irretrievably ruined and many were lost when their creators took flight.  Kirszenbaum, Hanns Kralik, Leo Maillet, Anton Räderscheidt, Ferdinand Springer and Wols all endured such losses.

Simultaneously, French art institutions and critics often reacted with protectionist measures, forcing foreign artists to the fringes of the Parisian art market, already at a low point in those years due to the crisis. Thus, the situation that greeted German-speaking artists exiled in Paris was anything but advantageous.  e. demonstrations of solidarity, sprang up in support of the exiled artists. 56 And for the exhibit Freie deutsche Kunst in November 1938, the Freier Künst­ lerbund was provided with a gallery at the Maison de la Culture (the AEAR had been transformed into the Maison de la Culture in the context of the expanding Popular Front movement in March 1935, with the intent of bringing together intellectuals and 51 See Gispert 2006 (as fn.

93 Paul Westheim, Die Ausstellung des Freien Künstlerbundes in der Maison de la Culture, Pariser Tageszeitung (PTZ), Nov. 6/7, 1938, no.  2, and Westheim 1938 (as fn.  2. 94 List in Graeve 1988 (as fn.  343. 95 Westheim 1938 (as fn. 83). 96 In the winter of 1939–1940, after war had broken out, the art historian Aenne Liebreich, caught in a seemingly hopeless situation, committed suicide. ), L’art en guerre. France 1938–1947, exh. , Musée d’art moderne, Paris 2012. 98 In the Gurs camp near the Pyrenees, drawings by Max Lingner came into being,99 the Cahier de Gurs by Hans Reichel,100 miniatures by Karl Schwesig, watercolors and drawings by Lou Albert-Lasard, by Anton Räderscheidt (Pl.

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