By Hiroaki Nishikawa, Nobuyuki Iwata, Tamio Endo, Yayoi Takamura, Gun-Hwan Lee, Paolo Mele

This booklet introduces a number of simple sciences and purposes of the nanocomposites and heterostructures of practical oxides. The presence of a excessive density of interfaces and the diversities of their natures are defined by way of the authors. either nanocomposites and heterostructures are unique intensive by way of researchers from all of the learn parts on the way to examine their similarities and alterations. a brand new interfacial fabric of heterostructure of strongly correlated electron platforms is introduced.

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Another mechanism is rotation of the polarization vector in the domains, which changes the unit cell lattice parameters through the coupling between strain and polarization. As argued in literature [9] in relatively thick films the domain widths D are much smaller than the film thickness H, so that the polarization and strain fields within each domain can be considered to be homogeneous. Thus also the energy density in a polydomain epitaxial film is therefore piecewise homogeneous. Further it was argued that the energy contribution of the thin layers (thickness hð $ DÞ ( H) with inhomogeneous internal fields near the top and bottom interface, to the total free energy can be neglected.

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