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26f. 14 Cf. T. idea of the power of God's breath (nvecpa). Cf. Isa 11:4. 15 Cf. Isa 30:l; 40:13; 53:10 where m c h is used in the sense of the divine 'I'. " Sap Sol 7 :7 also parallels @ p ~ o withriueipa sees in this verse a distinction between the wisdom of God (nveipa o @ h ) and human wisdom (@pdqols), which is communicated by God to man. The Aristotelian distinction between theoretical wisdom (oo@h) and practical wisdom ( @ ~ h q o ocould ) be cited in support of such an interpretation. By ~ such a definition they gave oo@&both a theoretical and practical content.

36 - The Concept of Spirit Underlying the assertion that w e i w was a component of man lies the conviction that man is dependent upon God and always has been so since creation. In the light of this, the connection of n ~ i p meaning a breath with nveifla in this anthropological usage is understandable. As respiration is essential for life and its continuation,? so it can be regarded as synonymous with the life principle itself? Just as its presence is essential for life, so its absence means death or lifelessness.

41:10 etc. H. Charles, The Apocryphaand Pseudepigrophn in English (Oxford, 1913), Vol. 209,'lists 104 instances of this expression in 1 En. See also 2 Macc 3:24. 25 D. Hill, Greek Words andHebrovMeanings (Cambridge, 1967), pp. 218f. The Concept of Spirit - 15 The introduction of Hebrew ideas of m c h into the pagan Greek concept of m&w What is far more apparent is that Hebrew ideas have been introduced into the . ~ ~ ruach, the most common meaning of m e i p a Greek concept of r n r ~ i p a Like in pagan Greek literature was 'wind'.

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