A world staff of top investigators speak about fresh development of sensory buildings in decrease and better vertebrates. specialists in suitable fields--the phone cycle and mitogenic progress factors--present insightful contributions within the look for precursors and/or stem cells in each one experience organ plus the signs which keep watch over these precursors' differentiation either in general improvement and regeneration.


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From the pattern of tritiated thymidine labelling it can be seen that new supporting cells are generated along with the new hair cells. In the closely similar lateral line system, it has been shown directly that both the regenerated hair cells and the new supporting cells are daughters of supporting cells that have been roused to divide (Balak et a1 1990). The simplest interpretation of these phenomena postulates that the epithelium does indeed consist of only two cell types-the supporting cell and the hair cell.

Murgolis: What is the biochemical or molecular nature of the vertebrate Notch counterpart? Lewis: The Notch gene product, and its Xenopus counterpart (the Xotch gene product), are transmembrane proteins with homologies to epidermal growth factor (EGF), which itself is cleaved from a receptor-like transmembrane protein (Kidd et a1 1989, Johansen et a1 1989). There are experiments with transfected cells in culture showing that the Notch product can mediate cell-cell binding through an interaction with the product of another related gene called Delta (Fehon et a1 1990).

Burd: What is the expression of Notch in the adult fly? For instance, can Notch be operating to prevent differentiation at certain times in the adult? Lewis: I don’t know. In Drosophiiu there is no epidermal cell division once the adult state has been reached, so everything is static, and the maintenance of those controls may become unnecessary. But in holometabolousinsects, which go through repeated moults, like Rhodniusprolixus, new bristles are generated at each moult in a way that reflects the rules I described (Wigglesworth 1940, Simpson 1990).

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