By Dr. Keya Chaudhuri, Prof. S. N. Chatterjee (eds.)

Vibrio cholerae, the causative organism of the sickness Cholera, colonizes the small gut and produces a number of diversified pollutants between which the enterotoxin, or extra well known as cholera toxin (CT), occurs to be the most important virulence determinant that's liable for the diarrheal syndrome. This ebook presents for the 1st time finished and updated information regarding all of the pollution of Vibrio cholerae, their actual and chemical constructions, their biosynthesis and its genetic rules, their body structure, the molecular biology in their interactions with the host in addition to their function within the improvement of a suitable and powerful cholera vaccine. It additionally bargains appropriate and useful historical past info at the simple biology of the Vibrio cholerae telephone and cholera bacteriophages.

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1993). The PCR method of amplifying rare sequences from a mixture has vastly increased the sensitivity of genetic tests including the use of DNA or gene probes. DNA probes are particularly useful for identifying strains of V. cholerae that contain genes for cholera toxin (ctx) by studying hybridization. An oligonucleotide probe labeled with alkaline phosphatase was used to screen colonies grown on nonselective media inoculated with stool samples from volunteers experimentally infected with toxigenic V.

Cholerae strain NRT36S and a donor strain E. coli S17λpir/putKm-2 and the selection of colonies displaying translucent phenotype on LB agar. This phenotype suggests that genes involved in capsule biogenesis have been disrupted by the transposon. EM pictures of all the mutants were consistent with the amounts of capsule observed by the size exclusion chromatography of the capsule preparations. (Fig. 5 of Chen et al. C. 1 The Capsular Polysaccharide (CPS) Colony Morphology and CPS Many of the non-O1 vibrios are known to produce CPS.

11). Further, the O-PS of V. cholerae O139 is unique in the sense that it contains colitose, which is generally not found in vibrios (Hisatsune et al. 1993b). Only the serogroup O22 has so far 46 4 Endotoxin of Vibrio cholerae: Physical and Chemical Characterization been found to contain colitose (Cox et al. 1997, Knirel et al. 1998). V. cholerae O139 strains collected from four epidemic regions of India (Chennai, Vellore, Kolkata, and Bangladesh) showed similar sugar compositions (Hisatsune et al.

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