By Horst Rauchfuss

Translated via Terence N. Mitchell

Up to now, we don't have a commonly accredited thought concerning the foundation of lifestyles and concerning the technique of improvement of existence, we in basic terms have a number of - to a point even contradictory – hypotheses. in the meantime there got here up a few medical findings past inspiration just a couple of years ago.

Horst Rauchfuss is evaluating different theories from the view of the most recent effects and is giving an exhilarating and simple comprehensible perception into the current kingdom of analysis.

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According to the Gaia hypothesis, the Earth itself can be regarded as a type of living organism. In ancient Greece, Gaia was the Earth goddess, who balanced out inequilibria which developed from interactions between heaven and Earth. There are various arguments in support of 16 1 Historical Survey Gaia; on the other hand, it also appears possible that the Earth is a highly resistant system which can deal with changes such as those induced by catastrophes. In an alternative theory, the results of population dynamics rather than Darwinian natural selection are responsible for the regulation of environmental conditions (Staley, 2002).

In addition, calculations show that they must have been much heavier (100–1,000 solar masses) and thus much brighter (up to a million times brighter than our sun). A further important difference is that the first stars did not live as long, only a few million years. As they consisted only of hydrogen and helium, the energy generation occurred in a different manner than in today’s stars, in which certain elements act as catalysts in nuclear fusion; without these catalysts, the nuclear fusion would be much less efficient.

1). Not only was the broader public impressed by these results, but also the small group of scientists who were more or less closely involved with 12 1 Historical Survey the question of the evolution of life. The successful synthesis of protein building blocks from a simulated primeval Earth atmosphere generated activity in several laboratories, leading in the next few years to important new results. , experimentally. 4 The Problem of Defining “Life” Scientific theory states that one of the most important tasks of science, and scientists, is the task of definition.

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