By James Mellaart

Thick layers of unburnt plaster

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Viscous Flows. The Practical Use of Theory

Representing a special method of the learn of fluid flows, Viscous Flows demonstrates the application of theoretical options and strategies for reading and predicting fluid movement in sensible functions. by means of seriously evaluating all suitable sessions of theoretical suggestions with experimental information and/or basic numerical suggestions, it specializes in the variety of validity of theoretical expressions instead of on their intrinsic personality.

Carbon. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference

Court cases of the Fourth convention on Carbon is a set of manuscripts provided on the Fourth convention on Carbon, held on the college of Buffalo on June 15-19, 1959, together backed by means of the yankee Carbon Committee and the college of Buffalo. The members discover the manufacture, homes, and use of carbonaceous fabrics.

Masters: Earthenware: Major Works by Leading Artists

The latest access within the renowned Masters sequence offers 38 of the world’s so much amazing potters and sculptors—and dozens of bright, sensible, sculptural, and figurative items of earthenware to discover. Masters Earthenware finds the large mind's eye, innovation, and technical facility that today’s artists deliver to the oldest ceramic medium.

Astronomical Cuneiform Texts: Babylonian Ephemerides of the Seleucid Period for the Motion of the Sun, the Moon, and the Planets

THE MOON IX PREFACE TO THE SPRINGER version whilst this selection of Babylonian astronomical objective of column of the lunar ephemerides (by texts used to be released in 1955 (a date passed over by way of Aaboe) and the reason of the strategy of computing the eclipse textual content ACT No. 6o (by Hamilton mistake from the identify page), it contained all texts of this kind that i may lay my palms on.

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