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Full-color images is paired with basically written textual content during this fascinating first reference booklet in regards to the global of castles and knights.

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Squire A young nobleman who was a page and now is the lord’s servant and a knight in training. tournament Display of fighting skills by knights and squires, which included jousting. trebuchet A tall catapult used during a siege. war hammer A hammer with a sharp point that could pierce plate armor. Ait Benhaddou 38 Alhambra 38-39 Almodóvar del Rio 38 armor 17, 22, 23, 25, 26-27, 28-29, 30 arrows 17, 19 ballista 16 barbican 18 battlements 4, 5, 18 Bayeux Tapestry 29 bedroom 11, 12 Bodiam Castle 4 Burg Eltz 43 caltrops 19 Casa Loma 44 Castel del Monte 43 catapults 16-17 chapel 11, 15 chaplain 11, 15 Chateau de Chambord 42-43 chivalry 25, 30 Cinderella’s castle 45 coat of arms 34-35 concentric castle 8, 9 Conwy Castle 43 crenellations 4, 5, 19 crossbow 18 Index dagger 18 drawbridge 6 food 11, 13, 24 fort 4, 7, 39 games 15 glaive 30 great hall 9, 11, 12 Hearst Castle 44 Himeji 40-41 horse 19, 22, 23, 31, 37 Hundred Years’ War 31 hunting 15 Imperial Palace 40 jester 14 jousting 32-33 Acknowledgments Dorling Kindersley would like to thank: Cathy Chesson for design assistance; Andy Cooke for artwork; Peter Bull for digital artwork; Sarah Mills and Karl Stange for picture library services.

Consultant Christopher Gravett has written numerous books on knights and castles. He has served as Senior Curator at the Royal Armouries at the Tower of London and is now Curator at Woburn Abbey in England. com Jacket images Front: Corbis: Jonathan Blair (b); Wolfgang Kaehler (t). Getty Images: Taxi/Michael Krasowitz (crb). Packed with facts, accesssible text, and dramatic, atmospheric photography, Eye Wonders are the perfect educational start for young children.

20 Corbis: Richard T. Nowitz cra. 21 Chateau Chillon. 21 Corbis: Bettmann tl. 21 DK Images: Harry Taylor/Courtesy of the Natural History Museum, London br. 22 Dick Clark: 23. akg-images: tc. 23 Dick Clark: clb. uk: br. uk: British Library tl. 24-25 Dick Clark. 25 DK Images: The British Museum cl. 25 The Picture Desk: The Art Archive tcl. 26-27 Corbis: Elio Ciol. 28 Dick Clark: l. uk: Musee de la Tapisserie, Bayeux, France with special authorisation of the city of Bayeux tcl. 29 Corbis: Philidelphia Museum of Art bl.

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