By John Z. Ming Chen, Yuhua Ji

This monograph takes an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural method of twentieth and twenty first -century Canadian Daoist poetry, fiction and feedback in comparative, leading edge and fascinating methods. Of specific curiosity are the authors’ fresh insights into such holistic and topical matters because the globalization of techniques of the Dao, the Yin/Yang, the Heaven-Earth-Humanity triad, the 4 Greats, 5 stages, Non-action etc, as expressed in Canadian literature and feedback – which produces Canadian-constructed Daoist poetics, ethics and aesthetics. Readers will come to appreciate and savour the social and ecological importance of, formal suggestions, ethical sensitivity, aesthetic rules and ideological complexity in Canadian-Daoist works.

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Worlds Apart: Recent Chinese Writing and Its Audiences. : Sharpe, 1990. 198–227. Eagleton, Terry. The Ideology of the Aesthetic. Cambridge: Basil Blackwell, 1990. Eco, Umberto. The Aesthetics of Chosmos. Ellen Esrock, trans. Cambridge: Harvard UP. 1982. Epstein, Perle S. The Private Labyrinth of Malcolm Lowry. New York: Holt, 1969. Giles, Lionel. Musings of a Chinese Mystic. London: John Murray, 1947. Giles, Lionel. The Sayings of Lao Tzu. London: John Murray, 1950. Grace, Sherrill E. “‘A Sound of Singing’: Polyphony and Narrative Decentring in Malcolm Lowry’s Hear us O Lord,’ Reingard M.

Heaven 2. Spring 3. Summer 4. Day 5. Big states 6. Important states 7. Action 8. Stretching 9. Ruler 10. Above 11. Man 12. Father 13. Elder 14. Older 15. Noble 16. Getting on in the world 17. Taking a wife/begetting a child 18. Controlling others 19. Guest 20. Soldiers 21. Speech 22. Giving 17 B. Yin Earth Autumn Winter Night Small states Insignificant states Inaction Contracting Minister Below Woman Child Younger brother Younger Base Being stuck where one is Having a funeral Being controlled by others Host Labourers Silence Receiving The combination and permutation of a different number of elements taken from the left and/or right columns immediately complicate the overall composition or quality of yin and yang.

Lowry’s narrator embodies this yang end of the pole: not only is he an unfailing walker as opposed to his wife’s stillness; more often than not, he also becomes angry, resentful, or even hateful on his way to and from the spring, in sharp contrast to his wife’s calm, contentment and love, all characteristics that Liu identifies as flexibility. The following traits of flexibility as suggested by Liu fit the spouse as well: “self-control, humility, consideration of others, simplicity, sincerity, and modesty;” “tolerance, courtesy, self-examination, freedom from compulsive habit” (Po-tuan Chang 6–7).

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