By Ben Klassen

In 1983, Ben Klassen introduced "Racial Loyalty," the per thirty days e-book of his association, the Church of the author (today known as Creativity). This ebook, construction a Whiter and a Brighter global comprises chosen articles and editorials from concerns thirteen to twenty-eight of "Racial Loyalty" and comprises issues akin to "Comparitive Religions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Roman Catholicism,"; "Who's attempting to store What and Whom,"; "How to beat the genuine Haters,"; "Odinism: A emerging Phoenix of a useless Horse?," "Our Race is Our Religion,"; "Saving Our Planet-Nuclear Pollution," and lots more and plenty extra.

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We must arouse the emotions on our side and bring forth all the racial instincts with which Nature has endowed us if we are to survive. And we mean for the White Race to survive, at all costs. No price is too high, no road too long. 6. We realize this war involves all aspects, all resources -- racial, psychological, economic, physical, mental and above all, a war of semantics. It is the psychological and semantic war that we are particularly focusing on in this examination, and in this respect cliches, slogans and catchwords are of particular importance, as the Jews have amply demonstrated over the centuries.

Their motto is in this connection is to ACCUSE THE ACCUSER In short, accuse their enemies of the very thing they themselves are doing, but do it first, do it louder and more blatantly than any campaign their enemies might be able to muster. There are thousands of historic examples of this, going back as far as the history of Ancient Egypt, in which the Jews through the monopolization of the grain and food of the Egyptians, managed to enslave them. When the Egyptians finally realized this and drove them out en masse, the Jews turned the tables on them and claimed (a) the Egyptians enslaved them, and (b) wouldn't let them leave, until, of course, Moses (a historical fiction) and their ever-loving Jehovah (a fictitious concept) came to their rescue and led them out of Egypt to the consternation of the Egyptians.

All we need is leadership, direction and dedication. Our periodical, RACIAL LOYALTY is the spearhead in building a vast and powerful transmission belt for the spreading of WHITE IDEAS. All we have to do now is build! build! build! and work like hell. This means your participation and dedication. Help expand the subscriptions of our periodical RACIAL LOYALTY to the limits of your resources. 3. Help promote White racial schools and programs such as our SCHOOL FOR GIFTED BOYS. Help make this the seedbed of a vast network of education, training and enlightenment for the benefit of the White Race.

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