By Jayde Scott

While thirteen-year-old Thom’s father is going lacking, Thom is familiar with something’s up so he breaks into the basement simply to discover a undercover agent heart filled with undercover agent equipment.
With assistance from his good friend, Danny, and Danny's fifteen-year-old sister, Hilly, the 3 of them got down to notice what occurred to Thom’s father, yet their research brings them to the eye of a robust staff of paintings thieves who could do something to guard their identities.

Soon they notice their very own life's at stake and Hilly's drama queen antics and concentrate on spending each penny at the royal undercover agent bank card is not supporting the venture one bit. Thom must depend on his wits and buddies if he’s to outlive and resolve the secret.

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She bought it after a bit of a to and fro, and I was glad to hang up and return to planning our visit. We were so busy, we didn't even play our usual computer games or watch TV, and we hardly slept through the night. The following morning, we stood in front of the gallery half an hour before it opened. The director, Mr. Richards, barely paid us any attention when he walked past to unlock the door, closing it right in front of our noses. A skinny, gangly lady with a hawk nose let us in, huffing as she peered over the rimmed glasses on her nose.

Maybe you should try your name," Danny said. "You mean Thom? " I cringed. "Please don't say it out loud. " "Yeah, that name sucks. If I were you I couldn't wait to turn eighteen so I could change it. " I started to chew the inside of my lip. One last attempt, I couldn't mess up. Danny hesitated. " I hung up again and marched back to the basement, hamburger forgotten on the coffee table in the hall. This time I didn't even sit down because I was too nervous. My brain literally screamed LAST ATTEMPT, LAST ATTEMPT.

Hilly asked. " I laughed. Danny stepped in between us. "Enough, you two. " Hilly grinned like she always did when she was about to say something nasty. " "No, goofy. I was undercover. He thought he was talking to my dad. " I hadn't but she didn't need to know that tiny detail. " Hilly asked. "The Spy of the Year award? " Danny's eyes grew wide as saucers. " I nodded, suddenly seeing the connection. " Danny said. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's meet Leo. I hope he's hot. And after that I'll have my nails done for tomorrow.

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