By Olga V. Frank-Kamenetskaya, Elena G. Panova, Dmitry Yu. Vlasov

This e-book bargains a set of papers provided on the V overseas Symposium "Biogenic - abiogenic interactions in traditional and anthropogenic platforms" that used to be held from 20-22 October 2014 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Papers during this ebook conceal a variety of issues attached with interactions among biogenic and abiogenic parts within the lithosphere, biosphere and technosphere. the most subject matters contain: biomineralization in geosystems, geochemistry of biogenic-abiogenic platforms, biomineral interactions in soil, minerals in residing organisms and biomimetic fabrics, clinical geology, bioweathering and destruction of cultural heritage.

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At certain intervals, the solution aliquot was collected to determine the amount of adsorbed metal ions, wherein the total value of samples did not exceed 5–7 % of the original. After the sorption equilibrium was established, the biosorbent was filtered from the solution. The acid–base environmental characteristics actively influenced the elements’ migration and concentration. Therefore, in the second set of experiments, the bioaccumulation degree of the PM was investigated by pH gradient. Original solutions of Au(III), Pd(II) and Pt(II) with concentrations of 1000 mg/ml in 1 M HCl were prepared by dissolving a certain quantity of metal in chlorazotic acid, followed by evaporation to humid salts.

1125, 1090, 1020, and 975 cm−1 attributed to the asymmetric stretching modes of the tetrahedral silicate sheet (Si–O–Si, the strongest Si–O stretching mode at 975 cm−1) (not shown). Summary of the proposed near- and mid-infrared assignments bands for palygorskite are given in Gionis et al. (2006). In addition to the spectra obtained in the MIR region, the spectra measured in the NIR region also provide the useful information about clay minerals since the observed bands related to the vibrations of OH groups are sensitively affected by the variations in the mineral structure (Madejová et al.

Bacteria, as have Modifications of Selected Clay Minerals … 35 Fig. 3 Interaction of cyanobacteria Oscillatoria terebriformis with palygorskite after day 10 and 30 of the experiments (cyanobacterial filaments marked with arrows) Fig. O. Alekseev et al. Fig. 5 The content of elements in palygorskite after the interaction of clays with cyanobacteria: XRF data for clay samples after interaction with bacteria, 0 days—initial palygorskite. ICP data for solutions been shown, accelerate the dissolution of silicates in some cases by the production of hydroxyl anion, extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) (Hiebert and Bennett 1992; Vandevivere et al.

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