By M. A. Koch, H. Waldmann (auth.), W. Wohlleben, T. Spellig, B. Müller-Tiemann (eds.)

Genome- and proteome-based learn is producing an important elevate within the variety of on hand drug pursuits. Correspondingly there's an expanding desire for novel, various compounds, rather according to usual compounds, as screening source. the aim of the Ernst Schering study beginning Workshop 51 was once to supply a discussion board for an open trade on views and obstacles of biocombinatorial synthesis and the importance of this know-how for destiny drug discovery in mild of this problem. specialists from academia and supplied contributions protecting: the importance of typical compounds for cutting-edge drug discovery; the underlying easy precept for the biosynthesis of hugely complicated compounds; and the scope and boundaries of combinatorial biosynthesis concerning formation, id, optimisation, isolation and production of novel biologically energetic entities.

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Ing novel targets into drug discovery programmes at a pace unimaginable just 10 years ago. This plethora of targets has opened the way to the identification of drug leads for novel therapeutic indications. At the same time, the increased frequency of microbial infections resistant to available chemotherapeutic agents has posed serious medical problems and brought a new interest in novel anti-infective agents active on targets not covered by existing antibiotics. In the last decade, however, the introduction of high throughput screening and of combinatorial chemistry has led many pharmaceutical companies to reduce or abandon altogether microbial screening programmes, in the belief that fast and successful drug discovery programmes could be run against large collections of synthetic chemicals already made or against the millions of compounds that combinatorial chemistry could produce in short times.

The success of new approaches will ultimately depend on the ability to rapidly assemble and effectively screen a large diversity of gene clusters for secondary metabolism. The molecular structures observed today from natural sources represent the results of million of years of evolution, and we have searched only a fraction of the existing producer strains. It is hard to imagine that future drug discovery can be effective without tapping into the rich source of chemical diversity offered by the microbial products that await discovery.

1 The Search for New Drug Leads After the discovery of the first antibiotics produced by microorganisms, systematic programmes were undertaken, aimed at the discovery of antibiotics from microbial sources. The result of these screening activities is the large number of compounds that have found applications in human medicine and agriculture.

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