By Thomas R. Quackenbush

Artists, academics, military officials, housewives, aged humans, mom and dad, and kids with imaginative and prescient difficulties write approximately their reports with the Bates procedure and giving up their glasses in Better Eyesight. significant eye stipulations (myopia, astigmaticsm, farsightedness, presbyopia, amblyopia, strabismus, cataract, gluacome, blindness) are mentioned by way of Bates, different opthalmologists, the scientific group, and readers. the importance of this literature is either historic and instant. For the 1st time, the relationship among eyestrain to shoulder and neck soreness, complications, and different muscular pressure is mentioned.

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B u t w h en a sk e d to lo o k at objects which aroused an intense interest her vision becam e T H E D O C T O R 'S S T O R Y norm al. W hen o n e is not interested, in short, o n e's mind is not O n e o f the m ost strikin g cases o f the relation o f m ind to under control, and w ithout m ental control o n e can neither vision that e v e r cam e to m y atten tion w as that o f a p h ysi­ learn n or see. N ot o n ly the m em o ry but all o th e r m ental cian w hose m ental tro u b le s at one tim e so serious that they faculties are im proved when the eyesight becom es normal.

Cannot be said o f the various fear incentives still so largely The o n e w hose vision w as 20/10 learned eight verses o f the e m p lo y e d b y teach ers. T h e s e , o n th e co n trary, h ave the poem in fifteen m inutes, w hile the o n e w h ose vision w as e ffe c t, u sually, o f c o m p le te ly p a ra ly z in g m inds a lre a d y only 2Q/20 required thirty-one minutes to do the same thing. benum bed by lack o f interest, and the effect upon the vision A fte r palm ing, the o n e with ordinary vision learned eight is eq u ally disastrous.

T h e teach er then felt h erself at liberty to im proved. V ision which had been b elow norm al im proved, resum e the use o f the Sn ellen test card. T h e eyesight and the m entality o f the children norm al sigh t, u su a lly re c k o n e d at 20/20, b e ca m e a b le to im proved sim ultaneously, and soon th ey w ere all drafted read 20/15 o r 20/10. A n d not o n ly w as m yopia cu red , but into the regular classes because it w as found that they w ere the vision for n ear ob jects w as im proved.

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