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Required for luirnessing to cha riots, and pitholJu or 'cavalry mounts'. \I,'hich were more valuable. Military horses were most probably state property. They ..... ere kept and looked after, howe\'er, by the soldiers in thei r villages when not on campaign, ..... ho rectived assistance for this from the stale. up of the sab sham, the I1Ime term, bit,u, being used for the levy of bot h. This was in readiness for the beginning of the campaign season in the 4th month (June). The ce ntral authority sent OutlWO muslrarkisu officials into each province to collect the horses.

Amwa WI5 a powerful slIIIe lind centre of a group of stiles including Min, Klupalla and the Sheb·river land, known IS the Anawa states. This principality was often a IOUtt% of trouble to ,be Hittites. It was Uhha·Zitish of Arzawa wbo originally persuaded MiIlawaoda to switch allegiance to Ahhiyawa, a cause offuture conflicts. Mursilis II defeated Uhbi-Zitish with the usistant% of Sharre-Kushuke of Carchemish. He was a loyal ally of Hlui Ind 41 Mursilis's right-hand man for conuol of me Syrian states.

This was Avaris (Hill -WOW) in the ElIstern Delta. H yksos chiefs a~mpanied by retinues of forcign uoops began to take over the Delta. Native resistance held OUI for some lime al Xois, but the rule of Ihe 13th Dynasty receded to the South. By 1674 BC the Hyluos had appointed an overall chieftain, the first ofa line of'Great-Hyksos', called $aInu. In 1674 he seized Me mphis from the Egyptian King Dudimose. Southern Egypt was r edu~d to vassaldom. garrisons were pla~ in 'advantageous positions', and Avaris became the Hyluos capital.

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