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Insulation (in-suh-LEY-shuhn) material used to slow the transfer of heat through walls pyramid (PIR-uh-mid) building with a square base and four triangular sides that slant upwards to a point site (sahyt) place where a building is located turrets (TUR-its, TUHR-) small towers or tower-shaped projections on a building 30 21st CENTURY SKILLS LIBRARY For More Information Books Glenn, Patricia Brown. Discover America’s Favorite Architects. New York: Preser vation Press, 1996. Glenn, Patricia Brown.

The History Channel, 2005. ” DVD. The History Channel, 1998. ” VHS. WGBH, Boston, 1997. , 19 architect definition of, 5 education and training, 6 famous architects, 15–17 international firms, 13 job description, 6–14 Australia, 20–21 bridges, 16, 18–19 Brooklyn Bridge, 16 budgets, 8–11, 26 building inspectors, 13 building materials, 10–12 Gaudí, Antonio, 15–16 Gehry, Frank, 22–23 general contractor, 10 Great Pyramid, 4 iceberg, 19 insulation, 27 Louvre, 28–29 Casa Milà, 15–16 city regulations for building, 10 clients, 7–8, 10 climate, 25 conservation, 24–27 construction, 5 costs of building, 8–11 Denmark, 20 design, 5, 16 Disney concert Hall, 22–23 Egypt, 4–5, 29 electricity conservation, 24–25 Empire State Building, 13 engineers, 9–10 famous architects, 15–17 France, 27–28 future of architecture electricity conservation, 24–25 insulation, 27 water conservation, 26 mathematics, 5, 6 mistakes, 11, 13, 21 site, 11–12, 15, 28 Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, 13 Spain, 15–6 Sydney Opera House, 20–21 Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 18–19 teams, 7 Titanic, 19 turrets, 17 Utzon, Jørn, 20–21 Victorian style, 17 Walt Disney Concert Hall, 22–23 water conservation, 26 Wright, Frank Lloyd, 17 Nile River, 1 Pei, I.

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