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Replacement Note: Check that there are no bent EMI fingers on the shield covering the port area. Replacement Note: Check the port side of the bottom case to make sure the MagSafe DC-in port is level with the port opening. MacBook (13-inch) Take Apart 40 Left Speaker Tools • • • ESD wrist strap and mat Magnetic Phillips #0 screwdriver Black stick (Apple part number 922-5065) or other nonconductive nylon or plastic flatblade tool Preliminary Steps Before you begin, remove • Battery • RAM door • Top case with keyboard Part Location MacBook (13-inch) Take Apart 41 Procedure 1.

MacBook (13-inch) Take Apart 61 3. Use an alcohol wipe to completely clean the two pads on the heatsink. 4. 175 cc dab of thermal grease, in the center, on the mating surfaces of both chips, as shown below. 35 cubic centimeters (cc) of thermal grease. 175 cc of grease for each chip. Use half of the syringe contents per chip. You might find it helpful to use a felt-tip pen to mark the half-way point on the syringe before applying the first dab. Then you can empty the rest of the syringe contents on the remaining chip.

Although the amount shown appears to be plenty of grease, this is the correct amount that has been tested and verified on the production line. Important: Avoid unnecessary contact with new thermal material, as dirt and body oils reduce the material’s conductivity. MacBook (13-inch) Take Apart 62 5. While centering the heatsink pads over the two chips, lower the heatsink onto the logic board and press on the areas where the screw brackets on the heatsink meet the standoffs on the board. Make sure the heatsink is level on the board before installing the screws.

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