By Donna Theisen, Dary Matera

This is often like fowl Soup for the Soul! choice of many many brief tales of paramedics occurring their direction. quite relatively fascinating tales that I simply savored each tale. i admire the ebook alot! i'm hoping they make one other one!!! nice untold behind the curtain of what paramedics struggle through. a ravishing read!!!

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Teenagers are doing to die. Mothers, fathers and grandparents are going to die. There are times when God allows us to intervene, but there are also times when God's punched someone's ticket and there's nothing that I, as a paramedic, as a person with finite abilities, is going to be able to change. The other advice is don't expect to be appreciated. Even when you do save the world, a lot of people aren't going to notice, a lot of people aren't going to understand. -Jeff Cole, aeromedical paramedic, Florida * * * EMS is tough on relationships.

They're not trying to weed you out. Once you're certified by your beloved home state, you're ready to ride shotgun on a speeding ambulance. Good luck. You'll need it. After six months to a year on the job, you might want to consider whether you'd like to go further. If you're enjoying what you're doing, and you still have your wits about you (sounds like a contradiction), you can take a 32 stab at moving up with the big girls and boys and becoming a full-fledged paramedic. That'll send you back to the classroom, this time for up to a year.

But after "Emergency," whenever somebody needed help, they dialed the fire department. Today, EMS calls are seventy-five percent of what we do. And that number increases every year. 42 It's my personal belief that the firefighting/paramedic profession is set to undergo yet another dramatic transformation in the next few decades. Something out there, some advancement in lifestyles or technology, will present another void that needs to be filled. Whether its the use of dangerous chemicals, fusion, biotechnology, whatever, paramedics will be called upon take care of the resulting problems.

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