By David A. Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Jessalyn Little

Textbook was once added inside a couple of days and used to be in ideal . it is a nice e-book while you're commencing to examine ASL. exact photographs and wording are necessary.

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It is possible to sign a variation of BOB KATE KISS so that it appears that the verb comes after the object. You can do this by using the pronominalization rule. For example, you first fingerspell BOB (or use a name sign for Bob) and then point to the right. You do the same for KATE but point to the left. At this stage, you have established reference points in the signing space for Bob and Kate. You then make the sign KISS moving from the right side to the reference point for Kate, which is on the left side.

This is illustrated in the following diagram. Pointing to the person yields the pronoun SHE/HER or HE/HIM. Pointing to an animal is translated as IT. Similarly, whomever or whatever the signer points to will be understood as the pronoun of the person or object indicated. For example, if several people are present, the signer sweeps the index finger past all of them to show the pronoun THEY or THEM. The pronoun ME is made by pointing to oneself and the pronoun YOU is made by pointing to the addressee.

We can show this relationship by writing: subject-VERB-object me-MEET-you you-MEET-me 4 SAME-HERE When making the sign SAME-HERE, your thumb should be pointed toward your chest and your little finger should be pointed toward the person with whom you are indicating agreement. 5 ASL Synonyms Some signs can be used to mean other things < previous page page_39 next page > page_40 < previous page next page > Page 40 SignAlso used for ASLAMERICAN-SIGN-LANGUAGE EXCUSE-meFORGIVE NICECLEAN SAME-HEREME-TOO, SAME-as-you, me-SAME-as-you TAKE-UPADOPT Practice Activities 1 Model for Rules #1.

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