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Greek Religion: Archaic and Classical

This can be the 1st significant synthesis of Greek faith to seem for a new release. A basically dependent and readable survey for classical students and scholars, it's going to even be more often than not welcomed because the most sensible sleek account of any polytheistic spiritual procedure. The textual content builds up a powerful and coherent photograph of the present kingdom of information in regards to the faith of the traditional Greeks.

A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284–641 (2nd Edition)

The second one variation of A heritage of the Later Roman Empire positive factors vast revisions and updates to the highly-acclaimed, sweeping old survey of the Roman Empire from the accession of Diocletian in advert 284 to the loss of life of Heraclius in 641.

• contains a revised narrative of the political heritage that formed the past due Roman Empire
• comprises wide alterations to the chapters on nearby heritage, particularly these with regards to Asia Minor and Egypt
• deals a renewed overview of the decline of the empire within the later 6th and 7th centuries
• locations a bigger emphasis at the army deficiencies, cave in of nation funds, and function of bubonic plague in the course of the Europe in Rome’s decline
• contains systematic updates to the bibliography

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LIIU8traUOn of 8-melre Hydroplane btlng huilt tor tile Monaco Raee.. p. p. 'ionnat de It. ) DESCRIPTION. ructlOn, produClOg the only practical H)'droplane Boat that b&:J Stabi ity, and will navigate rough water 'The great stability and smooth-running are due to several patentable features. L9. r- shaped surface (Fig. -4) beneath the bow. r without pounding, as flat Hydroplanes do. Fit I shows tbe general (orm of the" V" conCi\ve TI-9. _~~~~"""P'--- ness of (he" V" beneath the bow. must be adapted to the·· Itng~hew;::~:'S~:~I~f;~1'the"FAUBER" Hydroplane ~~:~~a~~~ s~r~~~:~e~tL~~~i~~~'taii~~d~~ i:n:i:i~) ah~~~~ tv~~~f~;~'g~~~t~iJ~ftln~ 1~~:,rw~t~fJra~~:~~~~ii~~~;;e~ ~u:~~cl~:bo~~~ - ~-=-=~ opposite side, tbe surfaces on.

The steamer had a flat bottom 73 and was provided for about two thirds or three quarters of its whole length, measured from the stern forward, with four or five very shallow strips (one can hardly call them keels) running longitudinally, and closed at their forward ends. Into each of the channels thus made there was injected air by an air pump, under a slight pressure, only just sufficient to overcome the "head" water, and thus air travelled along the channels and escaped at the stern. In order to keep down the species of ebullition, there was a projecting work at the stern which earned for the boat the name of "Smoothing Iron".

It is understood, for example, that the earliest record at the Admiralty Experiment Works concerning air lubrication of ships is a letter dated November 23, 18 75, from Wm. Froude to Dr B. 1. ' Proposals and letters are, of course, welcome material in any book such as this; but there is nothing like the record of actual achievement to give sinew; and, viewed against mere suggestions, that which I now relate appears larger than life itself. The fact is that, even before Scott Russell was writing in 18 65 of 'proposals', a vessel with an unquestionably air-lubricated hull was in regular public service.

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